The Process of Obtaining Citizenship Through Real Estate Purchase

Please kindly find below a briefly memo issued by our law firm regarding obtaining Turkish Citizenship
through real estate purchase.

The minimum investment amount required to apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment
increased from $250,000 to $400,000 on June 13, 2022.

1) First Step: Purchase of Real Estate
Foreigners who meet any of the following criteria may be eligible for Turkish citizenship, subject to the
decision of the President of the Republic of Turkey; Foreigners who are confirmed to have purchased
real estate worth minimum USD 400,000 or promised to purchase a real estate with floor ownership
or floor easement corresponding to a minimum USD 400,000 or same amount equivalent to Turkish
Lira with a sale contract certified by notary public and annotation of refusal of sale for three years
added to the records of the title deed registry by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The list of documents for bank account in Turkey;
• Passport Scan of the individual
• Tax ID number in home country
• Potential tax identification number in Turkey (We get this with a Power of Attorney.)
• The name and surname of the client’s parents and mother’s maiden name
• Document showing the address of residence (This information is included in some passports,
otherwise it is accepted if there is address information on any invoice received in last 3 months
(ie. electric company bill.)
• If E-Banking will be used, A prepaid Turkish Sim Card will be needed since most of the Time,
confirmation SMS doesn’t arrive. (In This regard, we have added the relevant power in the
Documents required to obtain citizenship by purchasing real estate;

• Deed of the real estate or information of village/neighbourhood, island, parcel, building,
independent section,
• Identity document or passport with translation if necessary,
• Obtaining the Real Estate Market Value Certificate from the relevant Municipality,
• Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings such as residences, workplaces,
• 2 photos of the buyer and 1 photo of the seller taken within the last 6 months,
• Having a sworn translator, if there is a party who does not speak Turkish,
• In case of transactions with a power of attorney issued abroad, the original or certified copy
of the power of attorney together with its translation,
• Residence permits issued by the relevant police directorates of foreign nationals whose real
estate purchases are subject to a residence permit.
Obtaining a certificate of eligibility: After the real estate investment has been made, it is necessary to
certify by the relevant Institution whether the investment’s eligibility requirement has been met. The
identification and conformity procedures are carried out by the Turkish Ministry.

2) Second Step: Short Residence Permit Application
After the certificate of eligibility is obtained, the investor must obtain a short residence permit by
applying to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration. Investors who are applying for a residence
permit, ensure that their passports are valid for a period of at least 60 days longer than the requested
residence permit period.

Documents required
– Photo of the passport
– Health Insurance Policy valid in Turkey
– Bank account statement
– 4 biometric photos
– Photo of the stamp of entrance to Turkey
– A receipt confirming that the application fee (taxes) has been paid to the relevant authority
3) Final Step: Application of Turkish Citizenship
After completing the residence permit application processes, the documents required for the
citizenship application must submitted to the relevant institution.

The list of documents for application of citizenship;
• Application form (VAT-4) (It will be filled by us).
• 2 biometric photos in size of 50×60 mm in white background and without any pattern that can
be read on the machine, which is determined by ICAO.
• Passport or a similar document indicating citizenship, or if the person is stateless, if it is
possible to obtain, a document related to this status. ( notarized translation of the passport)
• Marital status certificate and if any, marriage certificate if married, separation deed if divorced
or death certificate of the spouse if the person is a widow/widower. ( apostilled)
• Birth certificate or a document such as identity register copy that indicates the person’s
identity information and IF THE PERSON IS MARRIED, identity register copy or a similar
document proving the family bond between spouses and children. (apostilled)
obtained from the authorities of his/her country for the completion of the date of birth, in
case it cannot be obtained, a signed declaration regarding the acceptance of the transaction
in accordance with Article 39 of the Civil Registration Services Law numbered 5490.
• A receipt showing that the service charge was deposited to the Treasury Cashier.
(It will be provided by us)
• Residence permits issued by the relevant police directorates of foreign nationals whose real
estate purchases are subject to a residence permit.
Please note that in order to obtain citizenship through investment, other additional documents may
be required.
Please do not hesitate to contact with us with any question regarding the subject.

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