Exemption Regarding P&I Confirmatıon Letter Requested While Passing Through Strait

Exemption Regarding P&I Confirmation Letter Requested While Passing Through Strait

Based on the letter published by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Maritime Affairs on November 16, 2022; Article 13 of Turkish Straits Maritime Traffic Order Regulation Implementation Directive states that all vessels carrying hazardous cargo passing through the straits, vessels of 300 GT and above, and towing vessels will have a valid P&I policy.
As it is known, vessels carrying crude oil that will pass through the Turkish Straits loaded with cargo will also pass through the Turkish Straits loaded with cargo, the practice of receiving a letter from the P&I insurance companies of the vessels carrying petroleum products included in Annex-1 of The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) stating that the P&I insurance will be valid and comprehensive for the vessel, voyage, and cargo in question was initiated.
As a result of the examination and evaluation of the cargo in question, which has been loaded from our country's ports and discharged to our country's ports since the start of the implementation, provided that the evidential document specifying that the cargo of the said class on the vessel was loaded from our country's port facilities and will be discharged to our country's ports while passing through the strait is added to the SP-1 report, it is indicated that it is considered appropriate for vessels that meet these conditions to be exempt from these implementations.

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