Cautionary Currents: Urgent Advisory On Black Sea Shipping Disruptions and Critical Risk Mitigation

Cautionary Currents: Urgent Advisory on Black Sea Shipping Disruptions and Critical Risk Mitigation

We would like to inform you about the risk of seawater damage to commodities due to severe storms and other weather conditions in the Black Sea.

Due to the weather conditions on the Russian Black Sea and Sea of Azov coasts, there have been reports of sea flooding and damage to commodities in ports, warehouses and even during the transport of commodities by train and road, and some fields have also been exposed to sea water. In addition to port closures, some sections of national roads were closed due to heavy snowfall in Ukraine.  The closure of main road links to truck traffic caused potential delays in cargo deliveries to ports.

Weather conditions have exposed the commodities to the risk of seawater damage and wetting. For this reason, it is important for the interests of both carriers and cargo interests to appoint surveyors at the loading ports and to make determinations regarding the loaded commodities.

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Selçuk Esenyel

Managing Partner

Türker Yıldırım


Mert Mohaç

Legal Counsel