As ESENYEL & PARTNERS, our team of expert offers 24/7 support of service to the clients in the preparation and revision of all relevant documents, including service contracts, disciplinary regulations, subcontractor agreements, additional protocols and policies and procedures that support business culture and objectives, as well as representing our clients who possess both employees and employers in the best possible way in all kinds of labour law disputes. Our expert team provides support to our clients in resolving their complaints and disciplinary issues, making and implementing preparations that always protect their interests at the highest level in terms of critical/complex employment contract termination processes, conducting mediation and litigation (both civil and criminal) processes with utmost care, management and reshaping of industrial relations and the management of all aspects of union-related issues, including industrial disputes. Services of business transfers, outsourcing, including advising our clients about recruitment, providing necessary advice to International clients on traditional practices in Türkiye regarding occupational accidents and occupational health and safety, preventing claims and loss of reputation by handling possible disputes, are performed with the utmost care.