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Updated: May 24, 2020

The Directive on Classification Societies of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette numbered 29952 and dated 18 January 2017. Supervision of the minimum safety requirement with regard to production, repair, modification and usage of Turkish flagged vessels are realised as per national regulations and contracts, decisions, rules, codes, circulars and other documents ratified by Turkey in connection with maintaining safety of life and property at sea over national and international waters and prevention of marine pollution. In this context, herein this directive regulates the procedure and essentials of election, authorisation, supervision and suspension of authorisation of the societies that shall provide testing, surveillance, approval and licensing services of the Turkish flagged vessels on behalf of the Ministry. Institutions demanding to be authorised should apply to the Directorate General of Maritime and Inland Waters Regulation (“Administration”) of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication together with the necessary information and documents. An authorisation protocol, which shall be maximum a 10-year agreement, shall be signed by the Ministry and the institutions which are deemed appropriate. Registration of a Turkish flagged vessel in a classification society, their request of changing classification society, fulfilling the necessities determined by the classification society, essentials of the registrations and insurances to be made are set in the scope of this directive. In addition to these, port state supervision of the authorised society, conditions of attendance to the operations designated by the Administration, certificates to be issued, essentials related to the organic structure, financial liabilities together with the limitation and cancellation of authority of these societies are regulated herein this directive. An annex to this directive regulating the general and special properties of the classification societies was published as well. Classification societies must classify at least a fleet of 500 thousand gross tonnage which consists of at least 100 vessels over 500 gross tonnage. Classification Society shall keep an up to date registry book and give online access to the same. These societies shall approve that the vessels which are given class certificate were designed and built in accordance with the structural, mechanical and electric necessities. Moreover they are entitled to undertake surveys periodically in order to confirm the continuance of the said accordance. These societies should not be under control of the ship owners/managers, ship designers, builders, people or commercial foundations which take place in ship equipment, maintenance and operation. Should a member of board of directors or executive board or a first degree relative of one of the members of the said board is a ship owner, manager, ship designer or builder then that member shall not interfere with appointment of directors, recruitment, technical, administrative and financial activities. Classification society should have an internal audit system which shall check the conformity of the quality of the applications in the scope of national regulations and international contracts. In the same time classification societies should adopt a quality policy that shall involve targets related to marine safety and prevention of sea pollution. Certificates with regard to the surveys to be issued in the scope of international agreements should be performed by qualified personnel and ISM inspections should be realised and documented as per the current version of the related manual of IMO. Please do not hesitate to contanct us should any query arises on the matter.

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