Our corporate and commercial team distinguished with its capabilities of providing services without any limitation of borders. Besides providing legal counselling to companies establishing in Turkey, ESENYEL & PARTNERS regularly assist its clients with cross-border company structuring with an international tax-planning point of view. Constructing a holding company structure, preparing business plan, fulfilling licence requirements, preparation of various contracts including shareholders agreements and completing necessary registrations to participate in European trade has been in the scope of our assistance. The also assists foreign clients for their establishment procedures in Turkey. Drafting and evaluating various types of commercial contracts based in both Turkish and English Law, providing legal assistance on market entries in Turkey and EU, completing various licencing requirements are major type of work handled by the team. With its deep knowledge of Common Law, ESENYEL & PARTNERS provides legal counselling on trust law for individuals, families and legal entities. Full project management, drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements between the clients and their partners, drafting subcontracts deriving out of the joint venture agreements and determination of the details of a possible arbitration process are in the frame of our assistance as well.